The Importance of Being “Weird”

Weird: To many, this is just a word that encompasses a number of things. To those who truly label themselves this way, it’s a way of life. To be weird means to stand out among the crowd. Above all, though, being weird means that you’re comfortable with the skin you’re in. You love yourself and your proud of your tastes, whatever they may be and however they may look to people on the outside looking in. This is important because, as it’s been said, you can’t love anyone else without first loving yourself. If you love yourself, you label yourself as weird because you know that your opinion is the only one that matters. No matter if it’s the type of art you like, certain foods, tastes in partners… these all coincide to make up the bulk of who you are.

In the music world, though, being weird is one of the most wonderful things you can be. I drew inspiration for this article because I was listening to artists like Kimberly Freeman (One-Eyed Doll) and Charlatan… knowing that they’re unlike anything you’ll hear in the music world. They stand out because they’re not afraid to test the limits of their creativity. Being that art, like most things, is subjective… it’s not hard to see why people will either love or hate artists like this. For many, it’s fear of diving into a world that is unlike their own… after all, testing new waters can be a scary thing. You’ll quickly find, though, if you immerse yourself within these worlds, the diversity within them is so expansive that you can’t help but find yourself impressed.

Being “weird” is about more than just standing out. It’s about knowing who you are, what you stand for and why you stand for those things. It’s about being comfortable enough with yourself and your choices to open up and let people into who you really are. Too often people who are labeled “weird” are shunned by society, even mocked, because they don’t take the time to understand the societal and cultural differences that come with this label.

I will be the first to admit that, in the past unfortunately, I found myself in the circle of those who would label these individuals. Over the years, though, I began to realize that it was only because I was scared to show that, quite honestly, I loved a majority of the same things and had a lot of the same characteristics of them. A defense mechanism for those who are insecure with their own odd attributes is to find themselves looking down upon their would-be brethren. So, I encourage you… the next time you find yourself calling someone “weird,” “odd,” “abnormal” or “different” to remember that this is far from a bad thing. Normal is nothing but a word… we’re all weird in our own ways. Take the time to embrace your weird side… explore the endless possibilities that will open themselves to you, when you coexist with those you once shunned.

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